Zoom announced end-to-end encryption

During Zoom's Zoomtopia conference on Wednesday, new features were announced, such as end-to-end encryption, OnZoom, customizable SDKs for developers to build applications and improved communication platforms.

"Zoom is for you, the courageous, hardworking and creative community of our users, and so is Zoomtopia. "We are working hard to create world-class, virtual events," said Eric Yuan, CEO. ”

"One thing we have learned at this difficult time is that remote work works. The future will bring a hybrid of better personal and virtual communications. The announcements we make today at Zoomtopia show that Zoom is built for now and for the future. We have the platform to support what people need, today, tomorrow, and in the future. ”

Zoomtopia is a two-day conference held online on October 14th and 15th. It is free for the public.

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The end-to-end encryption feature will be available for technical preview to free and paid Zoom users from October 18-24. This feature can be enabled at account, group and user level. If configured this way, it can be turned on and off by the owner of a device per meeting. When enabled, this feature encrypts communication between participants in a meeting using encryption keys known only to participants' devices.

Zoom also revealed that it is adding improvements to the application SDKs. This will allow developers and companies to upgrade their custom applications that use video with the Zoom platform, which is available on Android, iOS and the web.

Zoom has also introduced a public beta version of OnZoom, an online event platform and marketplace for paid users who want to create, host and fund courses, concerts or fundraisers through the Zoom Meetings platform. Users can list and sell event tickets through OnZoom to 100 to 1.000 participants, depending on the Zoom Meeting license.

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