How did Moore's law affect the smartphones you hold

Do you know Gordon Moore? 1965, a California scientist, noticed that the number of transistors that could fit into an integrated circuit is doubled each year.Gordon Moore

Fifty years later, Law of Moore explains why digital cameras are starting to go through film engines, smart phones are so amazing and self-guided cars are coming soon.

Ο Gordon Moore, is currently a peer-to-peer Intel scientist. The law he formulated describes a trend that has come to push an entire industry up and down higher.

Now Gordon Moore is 86 years old, and states that the vindication of the law he formulated came about when Electronics Magazine asked him to predict the future in the transistor industry.

At the time, Moore was working for Fairchild Semiconductor in Mountain View, California.

So he noticed the integrated circuits from different brands of brands and saw that they had eight transistors, 16 next year. At Fairchild's laboratories, scientists worked on 30 and even 60 transistor chips.

Then Moore got a com και άρχισε να σχεδιάζει αυτούς τους αριθμούς σε ένα γράφημα. Αυτή η απλή πράξη του έδειξε την ικανότητα του διπλασιασμού των chips κάθε χρόνο.

Then Moore became the co-founder of Intel 1968 along with Robert Noyce.

"With this in mind, we continue to double the chips every year," he said. The most advanced chips today have 1,3 billion transistors.

His prediction became known as "Moore's Law". 1975 said the doubling of chips occurs every two years.

This number has remained stable since then. Moore did not describe a physical constant, such as the law of gravity, but simply noticed what is happening in the world of transistors.

Fortunately for computer users around the world the ς άρχισαν να λειτουργούν σαν να έπρεπε να κρατήσουν το νόμο του Μoore, διπλασιάζοντας την ικανότητα επεξεργασίας κάθε χρόνο, αλλιώς φοβούνται ότι θα μείνουν πίσω. Moore ended up fixing the rhythm simply because he described it.

As Intel says, if we try to build an Android phone with the 1971 transistor chips, it will have the size of a parking space.

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