105 programs for Photo editing you need to know

Today we will introduce you a list of 105 programs for photo editing that deserve your attention.

photo editors

The following list is numbered by type and specificity of each program, but also based on their cost. This article only applies to photo editing, ie, image processing, not painting, image processing, and designing new images (although sometimes one overlaps the other). We believe that this information is especially useful for professional photographers, but without the exclusion of amateur friends, editing lovers.

Table of Contents

  • Photo Fixers (1-3)
  • Online Editors (4-21)
  • Free Desktop Editor (22-26)
  • Paid desktop editor (27-41)
  • HDR Photo Processors (42-54)
  • Cross-platform photo editing applications (55-58)
  • Photo Filter Programs (59-67)
  • Mobile photo editing applications (68-86)
  • RAW Photo Processors (87-97)
  • Photo Viewers and Managers (98-100)
  • Others (101-105)

Photo correctors
1. Perfectly Clear - Edit photos with a series of automatic fixes for Windows and Mac ($ 149)

2. Softcolorsoftware - Auto Photo Editor for Correction by Enhancing, Editing, and Color Management.

3. Photolemur - Automated photo enhancement solution. It is powered by a special AI algorithm that corrects imperfections in images without human intervention (beta).

Online Editors

4. Pixlr - High-end photo editor and quick filtering through your browser (free)

5. Photor - Total solution for photo correction in a single and easy-to-use package (free)

6. Sumopaint - The most versatile photo and paint editor that works in a browser (free)

7. IrfanView - A Photo Viewer with additional image editing and form conversion. Rename a huge number of files in seconds, and resize them. Free (for non-commercial use)

8. Lunapic - A simple free online photo editing program

9. Photos - View and edit photo application for OS X and comes free with Yosemite operating system (free)

10. Fastone - Fast, stable, user-friendly image browsing, converter and editor. It is provided free of charge for personal and educational use.

11. Pics.io - Very simple photo editor on the web (free)

12. Ribbet - Ribbet allows you to edit all your photos online and you will definitely love it (free)

13. P - One of the most popular free online photo editing software

14. BeFunky - Online photo editor and collage creation (free)

15. pho.to - Simple online photo editor with predefined photo effects (free)

16. piZap - Online photo editor and collage maker ($ 29,99 / year)

17. Fotostars - Edit your photos using elegant photo effects (free)

18. Avatan - Free online photo editor and collage creation

19. FotoFlexer - Free photo editing and advanced effects

20. Picture2Life - This is an Ajax-based photo editor. It focuses on capturing and editing images already on the internet.

21. Preloader - It's a Flickr special tool that uses the Flickr API, even for the login account. The service includes basic cropping, sharpening, color correction, and other tools to enhance images.

Free desktop editor programs

22. Photoscape - A simple, unusual editor that can handle photos and more

23. Paint.net - Free image and photo editing software for PC

24. Chalk - Digital Painting and Illustration Program with CMYK support, HDR painting, G'MIC integration and more

25. Imagemagick - A software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert your images.

26. G'MIC - Full image editing program with different user interfaces, including a GIMP plugin to convert, manipulate, filter, and display image data. Available for Windows and OS

Paid editor programs for desktop

27. Photoshop - The mother of all photo editors ($ 9,99 / month)

28. Lightroom - A photo and image editor developed by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS X ($ 9,99 / month)

29. Capture One - It is a professional raw image conversion and image processing software designed for professional photographers who need a high volume and high quality image processing in a fast and efficient workflow (279 Euro)

30. RadLab - Combines intuitive browsing, gorgeous effects and a very fast photo editor ($ 149)

31. Affinity - Professional photo editing software for Mac ($ 49.99)

32. DXO Photo Suite - Powerful photo editing software ($ 189)

33. Pixelmator - Pixelmator for Mac is a powerful, fast and easy-to-use image editor ($ 29.99)

34. On Photo 10 - Professional photo editor with easy-to-use interface ($ 89.99)

35. Corel AfterShot Pro 3 - Professional photo editor with world's fastest RAW photo editor ($ 79.99)

36. Zoner - Everything, from downloading to your computer to editing and sharing, all in one program. Windows only ($ 99)

37. Acorn 5 - An image editor for MacOS 10.10 and larger ($ 29.99)

38. Photosense - Quick and easy photo correction software for Mac and iOS ($ 18.97)

39. Photo Plus - Easy-to-use, professional Photo Editor for PC ($ 99.99)

40. DXO Optics Pro - Photo software that automatically corrects your photos by looking at your camera model and lens ($ 129)

41. PhotoImpact X3 - Something like Photoshop's little brother with live examples of its effects making use easy. ($ 39,99)

HDR photo processors

42. Aurora HDR - The easiest and most advanced HDR photo editing for Mac ($ 39)

43. EasyHDR - HDR image editing software for Windows and Mac ($ 39)

44. PhotomatixPro - One of the world's first HDR photo software for Windows and Mac ($ 39)

45. HDR - Free online HDR photo editing

46. HDRExpress - Easy-to-use HDR editing software for Mac and Windows ($ 79)

47. HDR Darkroom - Quick and easy to use software for Mac and Windows to create stunning landscapes ($ 89.99)

48. Photo-kako - Free online photo editor, a composite photo can be converted to HDR images.

49. Light Compressor - Simple editor that lets you combine multiple photos into a large and wide-screen image for Mac ($ 3.99)

50. Hydra - Another easy-to-use HDR program for Mac ($ 59.99)

51. Dynamic Photo HDR - A new generation High Dynamic Range Photo Software with anti-ghosting, HDR Fusion and unlimited effects for Windows ($ 65)

52. LuminanceHDR - Free application to enable HDR imaging, creation and tone mapping.

53. HDRMerge - Free software that combines two or more RAW images into a large area RAW.

54. EnfuseGUI - Enfuse is an Open Source application for creating larger images by mixing images with different reports (free)

Cross-platform photo editing applications

55. Polarr - Professional photo editor for everyone (version Pro - $ 19.99)

56. Pixlr - High-end photo editor and fast filtering

57. Fotor Pro - Designed for a variety of platforms, available on every major mobile device, desktop computer and online, with One-Tap Enhance and RAW file editing tools

58. GIMP - An image editor for many OSs. Free software, you can change its source code and share your changes.

Photo Filter Programs

59. Creative Kit 2016 - 6 powerful applications for photos and over 500 creative tools within a single, easy-to-use package. For Mac Only ($ 129.99)

60. On1 Effects - Selective filters for advanced photo effects (free)

61. Rollip - High-quality photo effects. 80 + effects (free)

62. Vintager - Vintager is a fun, creative and easy-to-use software that provides you with a set of special effects that can be applied to your photos to give them a retro / vintage style

63. TheNick Collection - A selection of professional-level filters, now and free (from Google)

64. Noiseware - Plugin award-winning and standalone to reduce photo noise ($ 79.95).

65. Topazlabs - Many photo editing plug-ins that work with the software you already own. Including Photoshop, Lightroom, and many others (from $ 29.99)

66. Focus Magic - Focus Magic uses advanced technology to fade your photos. It can repair both the blur of the wrong focus and the motion blur (from camera shake) to a picture ($ 65).

67. Eye Candy - Eye Candy makes realistic effects that are difficult to achieve and only in Photoshop, such as fire, Chrome, animal fur, smoke, and Reptile Skin ($ 129).

Photo editing applications for mobile

68. Lightx - Advanced Photo Editor to cut, change background and combine photos ($ 1.99)

69. Afterlight - The perfect image editing application for fast editing ($ 0,99)

70. File New - Of the best photo processors ($ 0,99)

71. Pixomatic - Clear haze, remove background, add color, Splash and more ($ 4.99)

72. 99 Filters - All types of filters and overlays for Instagram and Facebook ($ 0,99)

73. Photo Lab Picture Editor - Collages, frames, prisms and others for photos (free)

74. Avatan - Photo Editor, Effects, Stickers and Touch Up (free)

75. relive - Camera software to capture and share your experience with over 100 filters (free).

76. Aviary - Photo editing software (purchased from Adobe). Make beautiful photos in seconds with amazing filters, frames, stickers and more. Provides developer SDK (free)

77. Snapseed - A photo editing software produced by Nik Software, a Google subsidiary, for iOS and Android, allowing users to improve photos and apply digital filters (free of charge).

78. Instagram - Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with your friends through a series of pictures. Take a photo with your mobile phone, then select a filter to convert the image. One of the most popular mobile apps (free)

79. Lifecake - Save and organize your children's pictures as they grow up. In a time-free ad, you can easily look in the past and share it with your family and friends (free of charge)

80. QWIK - Edit your images in seconds with simple tools and share online with the QWIK community. With new filters and features added every week, QWIK keeps being constantly fresh and exciting (free of charge).

81. VSCO Cam - The VSCO Cam comes packed with top performance features, including high resolution imports as well as pre and post comparisons so you can see how each step you take will be made. Free (with $ 57 filters / each)

82. Camera MX - For Android. The program combines powerful photo enhancement tools with a beautiful simple user interface. Thanks to smart image processing, you can have very sharp cuts and editing. (free)

83. Lensical - Lensical creates effects on faces as simple as adding filters to a photo. It is designed for large screens and uses the gesture control feature making it the perfect complement to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus (free) cameras.

84. Camera + - Camera application coming for iPhone by default is not the best: yes, you can use it to get some decent photos, but they do not give you much creative control. At this point Camera + excels. The application consists of two parts: a camera and a photo editor, and it really excels and has a huge variety of advanced features ($ 2.99).

85. PhotoWonder - With great looks PhotoWonder is one of the fastest photo applications for smartphones. It also has a good multi-level collage feature as well as Photo Booth effects. The choice of filters is not huge, but they are so well designed that you will find them much more useful than some other program that has a lot more. The "Vintage" filter works enchantingly in building pictures or landscapes. (free)

86. Photoshop Express - As one would expect from Adobe, the Photoshop Express photo application environment for Apple and Android devices is flawless. It does all the functions you need for image editing and is probably the perfect solution. The "Straighten" and "Flip" functions are useful and not included in many other applications (free of charge).

RAW Photo Processors

87. RAW Pics.io - The most popular RAW browser for viewing and converting. Supports most formats for DSLR RAW cameras. ($ 1,99 / month with free trial).

88. Rawtherapee - It is a cross-platform RAW image processing program, available under the GNU General Public License Version 3 (free)

89. Darktable - An open source application for photos and RAW editing

90. UFRaw - A utility to read and manipulate raw photos from digital cameras. It can be used alone or as a GIMP plug-in.

91. Photivo - It gives you raw photos and bitmap files, with a 16 bit processing that does not destroy them.

92. Filmmaker - Enhanced processor and raw photo editor that focuses around a tone mapping simulation algorithm.

93. PhotoFlow - Raw and raster image processor with non-destructive adjustment levels and 32-bit floating-point precision.

94. LightZone - Open-source digital darkroom software for Windows / Mac / Linux

95. RAW Photo Processor - A Raw Converter for Mac OS X (10.4 - 10.11) that supports virtually all available digital Raw formats

96. Iridient Developer - A powerful RAW image conversion application designed and optimized specifically for Mac OS X. Iridient Developer supports RAW image formats for over 620 digital camera models ($ 99)

97. Photoninja - A professional level RAW transducer that offers great detail, excellent image quality and a discreet, natural look ($ 129)

Photo viewers and managers

98. Digicam - Advanced digital photo management application for introducing and organizing photos (free)

99. gThumb - An image and browse viewer. It also includes an importer tool for transferring photos from cameras (free)

100. Nomacs - Nomacs is a free open source image viewer that supports multiple platforms. You can use it to view all common image formats including raw and PSD images.


101. PortraitPro - PortraitPro is the world's best-seller software that intelligently enhances every point of a portrait for beautiful results ($ 79.90)

102. Lucid - Stand-alone desktop software that improves photos lifestyle themes ($ 49)

103. Photomecanic - A standalone image browser that lets you view your digital photos with ease and speed with metadata processing. ($ 150)

104. ImageNomic Portraiture - Professional software for retouching
($ 199.95)

105. ACDSee - Photo manager, RAW image processing without loss, all in one ($ 49,95)

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