$20 million for zero-day iOS – Android

A company from that sells zero-day exploits (software flaws unknown to the affected developer) offers $20 million for hacking tools that will allow its customers to hack iPhones and devices . color code

On Wednesday, the Operation Zero announced on her Telegram and official accounts of X, formerly Twitter, that it increased zero-day payouts on those platforms 100-fold, from $200.000 to $20 million.

"By increasing the premium and providing bonuses for contracted projects, we encourage developer teams to work with our platform," the company says.

Russia's Operation Zero began operations in 2021, and states that the recipients of its products "as always, are outside NATO".

On the official website of it, the company states that "our customers are only Russian private and state organizations".

When asked why they only sell to non-NATO countries, Operation Zero CEO Sergey Zelenyuk declined to comment.

"There are no reasons other than the obvious," he said.

Zelenyuk also stated that the bounties offered by the company Operation Zero at the moment may be temporary, reflecting a certain period in the market and the difficulty of hacking iOS and Android.

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