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Weather Channel continues mixed reality education videos

Weather Channel continues mixed reality education videos

Weather Channel continues to display mixed reality educational videos to prepare viewers for natural disasters due to Earth's climate change.

weather channel - Weather Channel continues mixed reality educational videos

After one a successful video of the Weather Channel where the meteorologist warned residents of North Carolina about the floods of Hurricane Florence, the canal pulled out a new video that highlights the fact that climate change is causing even more disastrous natural disasters.

The video has to do with forest fires and how they can spread from the wind at astonishing speed. In the video, meteorologist Stephanie Abrams begins her story in an idyllic forest. However, he points out that the basic ingredients for a fire are already on the scene. Dry branches and greens, warm air and strong winds. And it is enough that a spark that 80% comes from people to light a fire. And Abrams goes on to say that fires like that of the video burn up to one football pitch every second, like the fire that burned in Southern California last December.

The video uses the same Immersive Mixed Reality technology we saw in corresponding video with the storms. In collaboration with The Future team, The Weather Channel uses Unreal Engine, a game development platform, to create these graphics in real time.

These videos are fully educational because they show reality in such a way that simple news videos can not deliver. Instead of looking out, your meteorologist leads you into danger. It is customary for the viewer to passively take up the idea of ​​climate change or natural disasters that happen to other people, but this flagship technology aims to shake viewers on the Internet. It makes you imagine what it would be like if you were caught in the flood or if there were flames around you.

Watch the video below:

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