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Windows 10 Did you pay? You can stop telemetry

Windows 10 Did you pay? You can stop telemetry

A long time ago, we had mentioned that all Windows 10 users are insiders, that is, they test for Microsoft with their personal computer, regardless of whether it is a working computer.

Telemetry services in Windows 10 have long been a hotly debated topic, with many accusing Microsoft of spying on its users as it collects too much information from devices running the operating system.

trap antivirus - Windows 10 Did you pay? You can stop telemetry

Microsoft, on the other hand, says it has improved telemetry in Windows 10. But the data collection process still worries some, who continue to push the company for less monitoring.

Recently, the Bayerischen Landesamts für Datenschutzaufsicht, a German data protection agency in the country, found that disabling telemetry completely in Windows 10 is something that can be done from 1909, but only in Enterprise and Education versions of the operating system.

Laboratory tests conducted by the German service found that all telemetry services could be blocked, blocking Windows 10 from communicating with Microsoft to send information.

The analysis, which is available in German here (PDF), explains that not all telemetry services in Windows 10 Pro can be turned off (Windows 10 Home and Pro have two different levels of telemetry, Basic and Full, but cannot be turned off completely).

What do the above mean?

Microsoft cares about businesses and generally everyone who pays for Windows 10 licenses (Enterprise and Education).

The Home and Pro versions that started and continue to be distributed for free to all those who had legal licenses for an older operating system of the company (Windows 7, 8) were unfortunately unlucky.
One has to try Microsoft software before making it available to its serious customers.

The unlucky ones are all those who bought a Windows 10 Home or Pro license from the company, and they are among the lucky ones to be the first to receive the updates before they are released for the Enterprise and Education editions.

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