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Google: Shortcuts and Operators You Need to Know

Google: Shortcuts and Operators You Need to Know

How many times have you searched Google and received a bunch of incorrect or irrelevant search results? Here are some search shortcuts to narrow down the irrelevant results and easily find what you are looking for.

See a list of shortcuts and operators that Google Search can accept, divided into 4 categories.

google search - Google: Shortcuts and operators you need to know

A. Informative search queries

setsReturns a definition of the given termdefine iguru
timeReturns the current time to a specific locationtime Athens
toConvert measurements from one unit to another5 kg to pounts
inConvert measurements from one unit to another100 euros in usd
TranslateTranslates the requested terms into another specified languagetranslate hello english
mapReturns location resultmap Anogia
stocksReturns stock market informationaegean stocks
weatherReturns the weather forecast for the given location or TKweather gr 11475

B. Basic search symbols

-Excludes search results that include this termbest sites -iguru
|Returns search results that match both terms on both sides of the symbolcomputer | tablet
@Returns search results that match a specific social media sitesmartphone @twitter
#Displays search results that include a specific hashtag#followiguru
""Displays search results that include all terms within quotation marks in that order"Panathinaikos - Olympiakos"
*Returns search results where any words can be mapped to the asterisk positionbest * in Athens
..When placed between two numbers, it returns search results that match within the range of numberstablet 100..500
()Used to group search terms and query logical search query(better | worse) office suite
$Returns product pricesdell $ 1000

C. Popular search operators

cache:Show Google cache of a specific page.cache: iguru.gr
filetype:Displays only search results that correspond to a specific file extensionsleep study filetype: pdf
related:Returns other sites that are similar to the site in questionrelated: nytimes.com
website:Returns only search results from a specific sitetweaks site: iguru.gr

D. Other search operators

inanchor:Google will limit the results to pages that contain the term inanchor or links to that termrestaurants inanchor: gourmet
allinanchor:Google will limit the results to pages that contain all the terms in the allinanchor or links to all of those terms. When using allinanchor: in your query, do not include other search operators.Athens allinanchor: best museum
intext:The query intext: term, restricts the results to documents that definitely contain the term in the text. Do not leave blank after:Greece intext: pandemic
allintext:The allintext: terms query restricts results to documents that contain all the terms in the text. Leave blank with:allintext: flu pandemic Athens
intitle:Displays only results that contain the term in the page titleiguru.gr intitle: about
allintitle:Same with intitle, but it should match any term that appears after allintitleallintitle: iguru about
inurl:Displays only results that contain the term in the page URLinurl: about site: iguru.gr
allinurl:Same with inurl, but it should match any term that appears after allinurlallinurl: iguru about

The most useful operators are usually the sites :, filetype :, to, but it is good to know the rest. This is actually a small but basic sample of the operators used by Google search. The whole range is contained on this site.

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