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Ehtools: Discover security vulnerabilities in your Wi-Fi

Ehtools: Discover security vulnerabilities in your Wi-Fi

Ehtools: Discover security vulnerabilities in your Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Hacking tools continue to become increasingly accessible to novice users, which is why the Ehtools Framework is a penetration testing program that can explore all vulnerabilities within our network.

This powerful and simple tool can be used for everything from installing new add-ons to a WPA handshake in seconds. In addition, it is very easy to install, configure and use.

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How to install ehtools:

[email protected]: ~ # git clone https://github.com/entynetproject/ehtools

[email protected]: ~ # cd ehtools

[email protected]: ~ # chmod + x install.sh

[email protected]: ~ # ./install.sh

Attacking frameworks

Most new Wi-Fi gadgets are based on many similar attacks and scenarios that automate the use of other more familiar gadgets such as Aireplay-ng. A great example is programs that incorporate scan tools such as Airodump-ng, attacks such as WPS Pixie-Dust, and hacking tools such as Aircrack-ng to create an easy attack sequence for beginners. This makes the process of using these tools easier to use and can be considered as a starting point.

Although each of these attacks is automatic, the result may be faster or more convenient than trying to do it yourself.

An example of what we've covered is the Airgeddon framework, a wireless attack framework that does useful things like automate the target selection process and eliminate the time a user spends copying and pasting information between programs.

This saves valuable time for even experienced penetration testers, but has the disadvantage of preventing beginners from understanding what is going on in the background of the attack.

UX / UI impruvements for beginners

The Ehtools Framework starts by simply typing the word ehtools or eht in a terminal window and then asking for the name of your network interfaces after the first run. Uses the names you provide to connect to the tools needed to execute any attacks you choose.

In addition to this initial entry, the majority of possible attacks can be performed simply by selecting the selection number from the menu. This means that you can get a handshake or download a new hacking tool, such as Pupy, by simply selecting one of the menu options.

Use basic networking tools

Initially, we can access data about the network to which we are connected, as well as any network interfaces, from the main menu. Here, we can find local information by simply typing l to gather local IP information, as shown below. This allows us to do things like scan the network for other devices. This part of the Ehtools Framework gives us better visibility on a network and status awareness for the devices around us.

The various information can be analyzed as follows:

(ehtools)> if

INFO: Runs the ifconfig command and gives the names and information for all network devices.

(ehtools)> 1

INFO: Activate wlan0.

(ehtools)> 2

INFO: Activate wlan0mon.

(ehtools)> 3

INFO: Set the MAC address to a specific value.

(ehtools)> 7

INFO: See the public IP address your computer leaves on sites you visit.

(ehtools)> 19

INFO: Look up the physical address of a given IP address to determine its relative location.

(ehtools)> scan

INFO: Start an ARP scan on the network to find nearby devices.

(ehtools)> start

INFO: Start monitor mode on the wireless adapter.

(ehtools)> stop

INFO: Shut down monitor mode on the network adapter.

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