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Microsoft Edge what's new next?

Microsoft Edge what's new next?

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge recently became the second most popular desktop browser in the world, surpassing Mozilla Firefox.

Needless to say, this is a result of his mood Microsoft Edge as the default application of Windows 10, which is the number one operating system in the world. At the same time, changing the browser engine has played a big role since it now uses the Chromium engine.

Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Edge what's new next?

At this point, the Microsoft Edge has a feature package similar to that offered by Google Chrome, so some users of Google Browser may switch to Microsoft Browser.

However, Microsoft does not stop with the development of the application. Let's see what we expect the new default browser of Windows 10 to come next. First of all, Microsoft plans to bring the Ask Cortana feature that was originally available on the old Microsoft Edge to the new browser. This feature is already scheduled, which means we should see it sometime in the future.

It goes without saying that this feature will be exclusive to the Windows 10 browser, as Microsoft Digital Assistant is not available on macOS and Linux (which will soon have the new Microsoft Edge).

Then Microsoft seems to be developing tools for PDF files, which we expect to see sometime in July. Edge is a very advanced PDF viewer and editor, so the company wants to improve these features with additional features in the coming months.

This summer we will also see the synchronization of browsing history between different devices.

Other programmable features include the ability to take text notes in PDF files, more top sites on the New Tab page, and many options for sorting favorites in the browser.

Microsoft also reports that it is trying to improve some features that do not work exactly as expected, such as the mouse cursor, which sometimes disappears.

We develop improvements that we believe will address many of the issues reported by users, however we recommend that you submit comments through the browser if you continue to experience issues such as the disappearing mouse pointer. It is important to note that your mouse cursor may disappear if you watch a video or use the trackpad, says Microsoft.

If you want to try out all the new features before the fixed version is released, the easiest way is to install one of the preview versions available for Microsoft Edge.

Canary build, for example, offers updates every day, but it is also the version that can prove to be very unstable. The Dev channel, on the other hand, is updated on a weekly basis, while the beta version is updated every six weeks with new features and improvements.

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  • Also a problem with the cursor is that you can not use left or right clicks and it appears randomly, although I see that most of the time you can not click on privacy and redirected links to different websites…

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