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NASA shows you the sunsets of the planets

NASA shows you the sunsets of the planets

A new NASA simulation shows you how you would see sunsets if you were on Venus, Mars, Uranus and Titan.

nasa solar - NASA shows you the sunsets of the planets

Everyone loves a spectacular sunset. Earth has given us orange and red sunsets because of its atmosphere. But other celestial bodies, such as Mars or Uranus, experience very different sunsets with unexpected colors. Now, thanks to a NASA simulation, you can get a taste of the strange sunsets in extraterrestrial worlds.

Geronimo Villanueva, one of NASA's planetary scientists, took a break from his main work to make simulations of extraterrestrial sunsets. The simulations could help scientists land spacecraft - probes on Uranus, Venus or Titan - a satellite of Jupiter.

The simulations are grouped in a video and all show a view of the sky, with an off-white circle representing the sun. On some planets, such as Uranus, the sky fades to a deep blue with hints of green or turquoise. In others, such as Mars, light is dimmed from brown to blue, as clouds of Mars scatter blue light better than other colors.

NASA simulations are simple, but they give you a good idea of ​​what life on distant planets would be like. The video is worth watching in the maximum resolution you can and of course in full screen.

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