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Google lost control of the blogspot.in domain

Google lost control of the blogspot.in domain

Those who had a blog on Google Blogger in India lost it! Millions of Blogger pages are not accessible right now, as Google seems to have lost control of "blogspot.in" URLs.

Of course blogs are still online and you can access them by changing "blogspot.in" to "blogspot.com" but for now, your browser is not automatically redirected to the working URL.dump - Google lost control of the blogspot.in domain

If you do not run a WHOIS for the address reveals that Google no longer owns the domain. India's National Internet Exchange, which controls the .in domains, seems to have given the domain away, or has Google forgotten to renew it?in domain - Google lost control of blogspot.in domain

According to the screenshot above, there was an update to the registry last month, however, it is not clear when Google lost control of the domain.

Whatever the reason, Google should monitor and know when its domain expires. The problem may be temporary, but it raises many questions about Google's commitment to its customers who use Blogger.

If you use a blog regularly, an alternative is to host it on your own domain. Of course we would expect Google Webmaster to do better.

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