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How to download videos from Facebook

How to download videos from Facebook

You just saw a video clip on Facebook and you want to download it. It's easy to save or download videos from Facebook, you just need the right tools.

Some of the tools we will describe below are web applications and some are computer applications. There is even a tool that lets you download private videos from Facebook. facebook video - How to download videos from Facebook

No matter which tool you use, you will be able to watch the video you downloaded to any device you want, even offline.

1. Downvids

Downvids is a Facebook video downloader. It is easy to use and will allow you to download Facebook videos to iPhone or Android devices.

Just paste the video URL into the box, select the quality of video you want using the drop-down menu, and click Download. A new box will appear below. Click Download a second time and the process will begin.
Note: Be sure to watch out for all the fake download buttons, as it is very easy to fall into the ad trap.

2. FBDown

Like Downvids, FBDown is an easy-to-use Facebook video downloader. You just need to paste the video link to get started. However, the application also offers a second method that is not used for downloading content. Let's take a look at both approaches.

The first is the connection method. To get started, copy the link to the video you want, paste it into the web application box, and click the Download button. The application will process your request in a few seconds. On the next screen, click Download Video in Normal Quality to save it to your computer. Again, watch out for the fake buttons.

A second method is to extend FBDown to Chrome. It will locate any video on the webpage you are currently viewing and give you a way to download it via the icon in the upper right corner of the browser. Works with videos and on websites other than Facebook.

3. FBDown Private Facebook Videos

FBDown offers the most reliable way to download private videos on Facebook.

Unfortunately, downloading private videos is not as easy as downloading public videos. Let's look at the process step by step:

Open the private Facebook video you want to download. Right-click the video and select Copy Video URL.
Open the FBDown Private Downloads application. Paste the URL you copied and click Next.
The tool will create a link. Click the Copy button and open the link in a new tab. Select and copy all text.
Paste it in the "Page Source" box in the web application, and click Download.

Remember, owners have made their videos private for some reason. Do not use this tool to post, steal or exploit other users' content.

4. SaveFrom

SaveFrom has a web application. The app also works with several other sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, so it's a good all-in-one solution.

Copy the video URL, paste it into the box on your screen, and click Download.

5. KeepVid

KeepVid is one of the easiest ways to download video from the Internet. According to the tool faq, you can download content from more than 10.000 applications and websites.
It has a web downloader, a PC application for Windows and macOS, and extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers.

Desktop applications are not free. So if you just want to download some videos from Facebook, the web application will meet your needs. To use it, copy the video URL from Facebook, paste it into the box, and click Download.

6. mbasic Facebook

Using mbasic Facebook uses a trick to access the mobile version of Facebook from a desktop computer.

Type mbasic.facebook.com into your browser to get started. Then, using the mobile version of the site, find the video you want to download. When you click on the video to start playback, it will open in its own tab in your browser.

Right-click on the video and select Save Video as to download the video from Facebook and save it to your computer.

7. Getfvid

Getfvid not only allows you to download videos from Facebook, but also MP3 files from audio clips. Works on desktops but also from your phone. Just visit the Getfvid website from your mobile browser if you want to download videos to Android or iPhone.

No matter what operating system you use, the download process is the same. Copy the URL of the video you want to download, paste it into the screen frame and click the Download button.

Getfvid also has a Chrome extension. It will allow you to download HD videos from Facebook with a single click. The extension does not work with private Facebook videos.

Other ways to download videos from Facebook

Do you know other ways? We will be happy to mention them in the comments of this post.

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