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Mitsubishi Corp. hacked again

Mitsubishi Corp. hacked again

According with posts, the Japanese company Mitsubishi is again the victim of an attack. According to information, data were leaked from the company's business partners.

mitsubishi - Mitsubishi Corp. hacked again

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. is again the victim of a massive cyber attack, which may have resulted in the theft of information from the company's business partners. On November 20, 2020, the company announced that experts will inspect the 8.653 accounts of business partners. The goal is to determine if information has been leaked from business partner bank accounts and other information.

In January 2020, the company announced that in 2019 there was a security incident on the page of the Japanese group Mitsubishi Electric and data had been stolen. It was later revealed that the alleged Chinese hackers had infiltrated the system through a vulnerability in the Trend Micro OfficeScan. During this security incident, which was kept secret for probably 6 months, very sensitive information was leaked.

Following last year's attack, Mitsubishi Electric tightened restrictions on access to its computer network and created a new section that reports directly to the company's president on new cyber security measures.

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