25 years from the appearance of WorldWideWeb

Before 25 years ago, at 12 March 1989, this British computer specialist laid the foundations of the international internet.

tim berner

The codes became known a year later under the name WorldWideWeb, the www we all use.

"Do not confuse the web with the web" reminds the specialized Moket.fr site and demonstrates the important differences between internet, web and Net. It adds that the classic date of birth of the internet is 7 in April 1969, when the first ArpeNet, ie 20, was invented all the time before www invented Tim Burton.

But without the British idea, there would be no 2,7 billion internet visitors to visit 919 millions of webs. And the thirst for the internet is growing: 53% of US users no longer live without the internet, with only 34% interested in their TV, according to a Pew Research Center survey. 90% of survey respondents believe the internet is a good thing.

Is www in danger of aging quickly? "The Web is only half built. It's not really international yet, "said Mark Weber of the Museum of Computer History in California. So, we have time…


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