Facebook's iconic aging application conveys your password

Facebook messages that claim to be able to show you how to be 20 years through an application that makes a virtual aging of your photos actually intercept your social networking codes.Face-Ageing-App-Distributed-on-Facebook-Hijacks-Account

The recipients of these messages also receive an example of an image supposed to be the result of a user who has already used the application. The example shows a young woman and herself seems 20 years longer. As is to be expected, this image is very convincing.

Potential victims who follow the link attached to the misleading message are forwarded to a page outside Facebook which displays a social network log-in that requires you to register your email and password to sign in.

Your internet logic bells should be red at this point as you leave the facebook site does not mean you've logged in automatically and Logout so you need to re-login soon after.

Any information you write in the fraudulent website fields is automatically delivered to the fraudsters, Onlinethreatalerts.com, and so they can access your Facebook account. Unless you have enabled the security setting on Facebook "connection approvals".

Since there are not many social network users with this security setting enabled, there are many to have enough victims of this trick.

So beware of the fraud we described above, as it seems to be quite insidious. If you want to see how you will be after 20 years you can do it from here safely (Use Google Chrome).

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