Hackers, Rocky and 97 other free movies on YouTube

If you want to fill your time you can watch free movies on Youtube, such as Hackers, the whole Rocky series, Terminator and 96 others.

From October, YouTube has added 99 movies to its site with ads, which users can watch for free. While the list of free movies does not include many big hits, there are several tracks that are not only amazing, but we would say that they are classic. For example, there are Rocky I-IV, Terminator, Get Mom off the Train, and Hacker.

Some of the best movies available are:
Rocky from I to IV
The Terminator
Throw Momma from a Train
Four Wedding and a Funeral
The Man in the Iron Mask
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Free movies contain ads that appear as prefaces and banners at the bottom of the video. About 9-13 ads will be displayed during a movie depending on its length. The bigger the movie, the more ads will appear.

Unfortunately and without understanding why, this service is not available to everyone and some geographical areas are excluded from the screening of free movies, including in Greece. After a bit of searching we saw that these free movies are not available in Greece, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Canada but are available in Japan, France, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia and Mexico.

If your area is blocked, you will receive a message stating that it is not available in your country as shown below:

If you are in the blocked countries and insist on seeing them, then you should connect via VPN, or via Tor-browser receiving IP from countries where access is free.

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