Anonymous Greece: Leakage of Turkish government data

The Anonymous Greeks are reportedly continuing attacks them to Turkish websites and infrastructure. According to exclusive information that came to ., after a massive scan performed by Greek hackers on, they identified and targeted several vulnerable government websites.

The last hitting of Greek hackers was successfully held at, This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. Board of directors Quality Coordination of the Province Smyrna( but also a government news site in the domain

The first page, although it is under the domain, does not seem to belong to anyone , and according to the information it provides is from FABA 2014, an International Symposium on Fisheries and Marine Sciences” organized by the Central Fisheries Institute (CFRI).

But let's look at the data leaked: (All images are corrupted for obvious reasons)

Anonymous Greece: Data leak


Business #OpShutDownTurkey - The Beginning

With videos published by the Greeks Anonymous on , σήμαναν την έναρξη της επιχείρησης #OpShutDownTurkey, ξεκινώντας μια σειρά συντονισμένων versus Turkish websites. As they report, this is a form of protest against attacks carried out by Turkish hackers against Greece.

Greek Anonymous sent a clear message to Aslan Neferler Tim group, another hacking that attacked our country, causing an informal cyber war between Greece and Turkey, as they report.

The Aslan Neferler Tim group claimed responsibility for the attack against her s by publishing relevant screenshots on Twitter.

Anonymous Greeks are calling on Turkish hackers to stop the attacks, saying they have even more government databases in their hands. As they report, they have also gained access to Turkish cameras, having already released a demo video as proof of their actions.

Stay tuned in for all the latest developments. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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