Humanity Party: the political party of Anonymous

Members of the Anonymous agitarian movement are reportedly having created a new political party in the US political scene. They called it The Humanity Party or THumP (punch).

The group had announced their intentions through a press release released on Monday, explaining that their new political party would be a way of forcing change from within with the help of peaceful and legitimate means.Humanity Party

In the press release, and in a video posted on YouTube, the group denounced many of the means used by Anonymous, as well as the use of the mechanical voice used in videos to warn of upcoming cyber-attacks.

Representatives of THumP or Humanity Party stated that their new mission is to represent 100% of humanity, and fight for the FBNL, or the Five Basic Necessities of Life: free healthy food and water, stable and safe accommodation, basic clothing, physical and mental health, and education.

In the video they have posted, they turn against the official and unique Voice of Anonymous, and say they will not accept donations because the money corrupts.

Anonymous by its nature is a group without leaders. So a political party from the group will probably not do well with all Anonymous members outside the US who will have no reason to support a US political party.

If the Anonymous party succeeds, it will not be the first political party launched online. 2006 established the Swedish Pirates' Party to meet the country's tough copyright laws. The party has grown since then and has spread to many countries and today is even represented in the European Parliament.

Below is the XNUMtime video of the group announcing the creation of the Humanity Party. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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