AnyRun: Run any malicious software safely

A new online sandbox service allows interactive malware analysis. It is called Any.Run (AnyRun) and announced that the free community version is available to all interested parties.

The service allows anyone to enter an account to analyze a specific file interactively in real time.AnyRun

Any.Run created 2016 by Russian security researcher Alexey Lapshin. His team now consists of five dedicated developers who are constantly working to improve the platform.

What makes Any.Run different from other sandbox analysis tools is that it is completely interactive.

This means that instead of uploading a file and waiting for sandbox to show you a report, with Any.Run you can upload a file and run it in real time on the sandbox while watching the file resolution.

This allows you to upload malicious applications that require clicking or malicious documents that require the activation of content or macros.

For example, suppose you want to analyze an adware that requires you to click on various installation prompts before installing unwanted programs. Using Any.Run can be done safely while tracking the analysis of each malware movement.

Any.Run is not intended for massive controls that do not require user intervention, but is intended for users who want to analyze malware that requires user interaction, create PoC exploits and exploit bundles.

The service, according to the researcher, continues to grow, and in the future we will see more useful additions.

Try the free online service.

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