Tactile suit with vibrating plates gives another feeling to the music

Daniel Belquer, its “Chief Vibrational Officer”. Music: Not Impossible, developed a tactile suit with vibrating plates to enhance the live music experience for deaf and hard of hearing people.

The suit, unveiled at an event titled “Silent Disco: An Evening of Access Magic” at Lincoln Center, provided unique textures and sensations that matched the music, creating an inclusive environment for all participants, regardless of hearing ability.

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The NPR he says:

Η του ξεκίνησε συνδέοντας δονούμενα κινητά τηλεφώνων σε σώματα, αλλά αυτό δεν λειτούργησε. Οι δονήσεις ήταν όλες οι ίδιες. Τελικά, συνεργάστηκαν με μηχανικούς από την εταιρεία ηλεκτρονικών εξαρτημάτων Avnet για να αναπτύξουν ένα ελαφρύ απτικό κοστούμι με συνολικά 24 ενεργοποιητές ή δονητικές πλάκες. Υπάρχουν 20 από αυτά καρφωμένα σε ένα γιλέκο που εφαρμόζει σφιχτά γύρω από το σώμα σαν σακίδιο πεζοπορίας, καθώς και έναν ενεργοποιητή που δένεται σε κάθε καρπό και αστράγαλο.

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When you wear it you can feel something like raindrops on your shoulders, a tickle on the ribs, a pat on the lower back. It doesn't play the music, but gives waves of sensations to your skin in a way that complements the music.

A recent event at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts titled “Silent Disco: An Evening of Access Magic” presented the capabilities of the suit. There were seventy of them on shelves in a party that was meant to be accessible to all.

Anyone could borrow one, hard of hearing, or deaf, and try it out under the giant disco ball that hung over the Lincoln Center fountain. The vibrations were mixed by a haptic DJ who could control the location, frequency and intensity of the sensation on the suits, much like a musical DJ mixes sounds.

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