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Ashampoo Backup 2018 is the easy-to-use solution for backing up and restoring entire disk partitions, including boot partitions for operating systems.

The simplified user interface makes it easy the program easily understood by anyone, including beginners. It can even restore systems that are heavily contaminated thanks to the new integrated rescue system. No prior knowledge is required as Ashampoo Backup 2018 is easy to use and focuses on key features.Ashampoo Backup 2018

Backups are automatically updated with data verification to ensure usability and maximum compression for efficient file storage.
Ashampoo Backup 2018 is lightweight in resources and automatically shuts down when users need the full performance of their system. Data can either be retrieved through the program itself or with the help of the new rescue system (running CD / DVD / Blu-ray discs and USB sticks).

The latter is especially useful if the system drives are infected. In addition to the new rescue system, both compatibility and stability have improved significantly in Ashampoo Backup 2018.

- Data recovery even from infected systems
- Quick configuration with just a few clicks
- Unsurpassed ease of use
- Data integrity checks included
- Back up disks / operating systems
- Back up any local storage device


Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7
An Internet connection is required to activate the program.
Full administrator privileges are required to use the program.

Price: EUR 29.99
Size: 82,08 MB, 84.050 KB, 86.067.118 B

Those of you who are interested in the app can use it free of charge by downloading it from the following link: (Registration required during installation to obtain the license)


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