Hacked the adult social network Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison, is a social network of adults, looking for "special" relationships with discretion. But apparently an individual or group of hackers managed to extract personal data of users of the "sly" social network, according to security researcher Brian Krebs.ashley madison Ashley Madison

From the site, which claims to have over 37 millions of users, and Krebs reports some very interesting details.

A person or group of hackers who call themselves The Impact Team took charge of the attack. In a manifesto that they published along with stolen data, they said they decided to publish user data in response to the lies of Avid Life Media (ALM is the social network Ashley Madison) that charges its customers with 19 dollars to completely delete their profiles.

The Impact Team stated that the "complete delete" feature does not actually delete user profiles, as advertised by the company. ALM from this feature alone reportedly earned around $ 1,7 million last year.

The team said:

Users almost always pay by credit card and the details of their purchases are not deleted, as promised by the company. The information includes the real name and address, which is certainly the most important information that users want to delete.

ALM Managing Director Noel Biderman said the company is investigating the incident and added that it believes the hack comes from someone who had access to their networks.

"We apologize for the unprovoked and criminal intrusion into our customers' information."



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