AtlasOS “teased” Windows better than Windows

AtlasOS is a Windows modification designed for gamers and more.

According to the developers, it's time for a new Windows experience. The is designed for gamers, with improved in-game frame rates and reduced lag.

It is an open-source , licensed under GPL-3.0 and its GitHub repository has gathered a lot of people and stars.

“Windows is slow, boring and unreliable. Atlas brings life back to your Windows system, designed to maximize performance and minimize latency. You'll get smoother, more responsive Windows and higher frame rates than standard Windows.”

What has been removed from Windows

By removing unnecessary items, disabling power saving features and optimizing services.screenshot 2024 03 29 08 11 12

With the detailed regulation of the procedures, the of an efficient power plan and network optimization, you will feel the difference.

By removing Microsoft's infamous tracking, pre-installed apps and bloatware, you can feel confident when using Atlas.

Check out the incredible AtlasOS benchmarks

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