AutoRDPwn Shadow Attack Framework

The AutoRDPwn is a program created in Powershell and designed to automate the "Shadow" attack on computers running Windows.

This vulnerability allows a remote intruder to see the victim's desktop without his or her consent and even control it on request.

For its proper operation, it is necessary to comply with the requirements described in the user guide.

Use of the program


This application can be used locally, remotely or to switch between computers. Additional modules allow you to discard hashes and passwords or even retrieve the history of RDP connections.

Run a program with one click:

powershell -ep bypass “cd $ env: temp; iwr -outfile AutoRDPwn.ps1; . \AutoRDPwn.ps1 ”


Powershell 5.0 or higher

Download program

git clone



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