AV-TEST Windows 10 The best antivirus

The AV-TEST antivirus test agency released the results of the August tests and presents us the best security products currently on the market for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system.AV-TEST

There are no surprises as well-known Bitdefender, Kaspersky and McAfee companies are still at the top of the charts. However, Avira and VIPRE Security products also had good results.

All above, antivirus apps took 6 grades for protection, performance and usability by tapping a total score of 18 points.

One of the best news for Windows 10 users is that Microsoft's default antivirus product offers impressive performance.

Windows Defender, which comes with Windows 10, has the final score of 17,5 points, a flawless performance test for protection and usability. Windows Defender lost half of the performance test.

Microsoft seems to be constantly improving Windows Defender, and soon the application will be the preferred choice of Windows 10 users who will no longer need to install third-party applications for their security.

The lowest result in this test round was PC Pitstop software. The application received 5,5 degrees for protection, 4,5 for performance and 2,5 for usability.

See the charts of AV-TEST (click to enlarge)


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