Blur for anonymous searches on Google


Although you use Google searches but want to protect your private life, we will give you two different choices.

You can use a search engine that uses Google's results, but it offers better privacy protection. The service start Page uses proxy servers or virtual private networks (VPNs) to hide your identity

A second option is the extension of the Browser, formerly known as Do Not Track. It allows you to use Google Search as you would normally, but it prevents the service, records IP addresses, or clicks you make on the site, so Google can not link them to you.

Note: To be able to use Bruur should create an account on the company's website (Abine). The extension is available for Chrome or Firefox after you sign up for the service. (You can download the extensions directly from the Mozilla or the page with its extensions Chrome, but at least on the Mozilla website, the latest version of Blur is not available.)

You may need to enable private search in the Blur environment before you can use it on Google.

To do this, click on the browser extension icon and select the settings from the menu that will open. Click the settings for all webpages and make sure search protection is enabled.blur-settings-1

When you visit Google Blur will show you that it is enabled.

blur search

The application uses private servers as proxy servers to hide the IP addresses of those who use it.

In addition, cookies and user agents are changed to stop information leakage.

Abine says it does not collect data from its users, such as IP addresses.

Η Blur it also offers a secure password service, email masking, and more.

But our choice continues to be the Startpage service. If you prefer to see the actual Google page, then the extension Blur it's for you.

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