Boeing drone flying and traveling under water

It seems that James Bond's technology will become reality. Boeing has filed a patent for a vehicle that can fly but also travel under water!Boeing patents submersible drone

The following drone video shows the unmanned vehicle starting its journey from an airplane that moves it to the target.

Once released from the airplane carrying it, it flies until it meets the sea, where it leaves its wings and turns into a submarine.

This device could undertake refueling operations for submarines and generally other floating media except for espionage missions.

When the underwater mission is completed, the drone emerges and begins to transmit data.

To remove the wings when it enters the water, the device uses explosive bolts, or even a glue that dissolves when it comes into contact with seawater so that no significant parts of the aircraft are destroyed by the explosions.

The patent was filed by Boeing in April 2013 and was recently shown by PatentYogi.

Of course, we can not know if such vehicles already exist, as it is a project that is very likely to be funded by a government that does not want publicity for obvious reasons.

Watch the video

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