How to videotape your wildlife

A photographer managed to videotape countless wild animals living in his area, using a trunk as a bridge over the river near his house.


Two years ago, photographer Robert Bush created a crossing on a nearby river in Pennsylvania, USA, by placing a tree trunk from one bank to the other. On one side of the trunk he set up a video camera and within a year he managed to capture countless wild animals that used this bridge.

Bush collected all this material and uploaded it to his page on Facebook and YouTube channel Bob's Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera.

The videos were not very well known until someone shared it on reddit. Since it was released just 24 hours ago, the video has already received over 820K views.

See them and admire the wildlife full of deer, raccoons, squirrels, wildcats, geese, and a fun clumsy bear.

As an idea, however, it is very good. If you live in nature then all you have to do is create a technical passage and put a video camera in it. The activation of the camera can be done through a motion detection system and you just collect your recordings with the animals in your area every day.

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