Do you use Canon printers? Canon PIXMA hacked

Τι δουλειά έχει ένας PIXMA with the game Doom? In 1993, the shooter Doom was a pretty groundbreaking game. In 2014, the same game is used by ethical hackers to prove their existence σημεία διάφορες online .

During the speaking at the 44Con conference in London, Michael Jordon from Context Information Security demonstrated that he could very easily hack the printer Canon PIXMA - popular for homes and small businesses - making him run Doom.

Canon PIXMA Canon PIXMA Canon PIXMAΤο hacking στο μηχάνημα δεν ήταν ασήμαντο, καθώς ο Jordon ανακάλυψε ότι η έχει ένα web interface που δεν χρειάζεται όνομα χρήστη ή access.

The web interface is used by the printer to indicate the ink level and print status. But it soon became apparent that a hacker could use it to update the machine firmware - the code that is essentially the heart and soul of the printer.

Continuing could change them of the printer to make the machine request updates from a malicious server instead of its official channel Canon.

Jordon took advantage of what the company described as "awesome" encryption that protects the firmware to add some tweaks to the code, allowing it to control the machine remotely.

A malicious hacker could find out what documents the printer printed, or start running commands that use the system. If the machine belonged to someone , could access her network.

Jordon the Doom game at the hacker conference, 44Con to make her the most interesting. The graphics might have been a little weird, but the game runs without any doubt Canon PIXMA.

"If you can run Doom on a printer, you can do a lot more nasty things," Jordon told the Guardian. "In a corporate environment, who suspects printers?" The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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