Canonical violated her GitHub account

Canonical Ltd.'s GitHub account, which is distributing Ubuntu Linux, was hacked on Saturday 6 July.

"We can confirm that on 2019-07-06 there was a hacked account on GitHub, whose credentials were used to create repositories and themes among other activities," said the Ubuntu distribution security team.

Canonical has removed the infringed account from GitHub and is still investigating the extent of the violation, but there is no indication at this time that source code or PII has been affected.


In addition, the Launchpad infrastructure, in which Ubuntu distribution is being deployed and maintained, has been disconnected from GitHub and there is no evidence that it has been compromised.

The Ubuntu Security Team said it plans to publish a public update when it finishes its investigation of the incident, and after carrying out more checks.

According a mirror of the hacked account the Canonical account, the hacker created 11 new GitHub repositories on Canonical's official channel. All new repositories were empty.

Two days prior to the incident, the Bad Packets electronic security services company detected online scans for Git settings files. Such files can often contain Git account credentials, such as those used for code management at

This weekend security incident is not the first thing the company is experiencing.

Recall that the official Ubuntu forums were violated on three different occasions - in July 2013, the July of 2016 and in December of 2016.

Hackers robbed 1,82 million users in the 2013 July violation, the two million users reported in July 2016, and 2016 in December broke down in the forum.

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