CarPunk: Hack real cars

CarPunk works just like CANghost which we have seen in the past with the difference that they have added some extra features such as enabling and disabling the interface and basic sniffing options.




  • Works on both car simulator and real cars.
  • You can record CAN Packets
  • You do not need anything extra when trying to hack a real car.
  • Works perfectly on Ubuntu.


git clone cd CarPunk sudo bash

Program options

  • [1] UP the CAN Interface: To Enable / UP the CAN Interface.
  • [2] Down the CAN Interface: Make The CAN Interface Down.
  • [3] Start the Basic Sniffing: To Start Sniffing Only (get terminal clear as soon as you stop it by ctrl + c).
  • [4] Record the CAN Packets: To Capture / Record The CAN Packets Into File (as carpunk1.log- name will be carpunk2.log, carpunk3.log, so on for multiple times).
  • [5] Play the CAN Packets: Replay The CAN Packets Which You Captured Earlier (Need to specify the log-file. Eg: carpunk1.log).
  • [0] Exit: To Exit The CarPunk Script.


You can download the program from here.

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