Chakra GNU / Linux with KDE Plasma 5.9.2

His Greek developer Chakra GNU / Linux Neophytos Kolokotronis announced the update of the operating system with the availability of many modern technologies in the main repositories of the operating system.Chakra GNU / Linux

Chakra GNU / Linux is a distribution that uses the latest KDE software. So OS users can now have KDE Plasma 5.9.2 as a desktop environment, which is the next release of the Plasma 5.9 series.

In addition, the distribution update users will be able to update to the new KDE Applications 16.12.2 software suite as well as the KT Framework 5 add-ons for Qt5.26.0.

As part of today's update, users of the distribution will be able to have a new kernei which was upgraded to the Linux kernel 4.5.7. We hope that the developers of Chakra GNU / Linux will soon approve 4.6 Linux kernel.

The new updated distribution includes some of the recent apps: ALSA 1.1.3, FFmpeg 2.8.11, Wine 2.2, GStreamer 1.10.3, Vim 8.0.0142, Mozilla Thunderbird 45.7.1, FileZilla 3.24.0, Bash 4.4.005, Samba 4.5.3, Wireshark 2.2.4, LibreOffice 5.2.5, QEMU 2.8.0, GNU Screen 4.5.0, GNU nano 2.7.4, GDB 7.12, Gawk 4.1.4, GnuTLS 3.5.8, GnuTLS 5.2.12, Gutenprint 0.125.0, JACK 4.2.1, GNU Make 10.1.21, MariaDB 37916, MPlayer 9.6.1, PostgreSQL 2.7.13, Python 7.0.15, PHP 3.16.0, SQLite XNUMX, and GNU Texinfo.

To update, simply open your terminal, run the command "pacman -Syu", just like for the Arch Linux operating system.

According to the developer, if you experience a problem during installation (dark screen) you can change to tty3 with Ctrl + Alt + F3 and then back to the Plasma session with Ctrl + Alt + F7. If this does not work just wait patiently until installation is complete without shutting down your computer.

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