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Last week, on Dark Web, a hacker provided the database with his accounts για περίπου $2.000 σε bitcoin. Ο hacker δήλωσε ότι η βάση περιείχε 117 combinations of user names and passwords from sub which had taken place in 2012.passwords

At that time, no one was sure if his code had been spyware, as only 6,5 had been leaked millions of encrypted passwords but without their corresponding names. Today, you can finally check whether you were one of the 164.611.595 million victims.

Ένας ερευνητής ασφαλείας με το όνομα Troy Hunt, που διευθύνει μία notification of its violations LinkedInhas created a web application and allows everyone to check whether his email or username has violated 2012.

The site has a name (Have I Been Pwned?) and contains all the stolen database. Just fill in the email or username you used to sign in to the linkedIn and let you know if you were a victim or not.

Of course, there is the assurance from the company that it has since yesterday changed all the passwords of all the victims of 2012, but in case you have not received via email from LinkedIn, you can double check from that website. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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