Check Point Software collaboration with Samsung for the security of mobile devices

The shift to mass remote work was one of the reasons that led to a dramatic increase in mobile attacks, with 97% of organizations facing mobile threats from a variety of attack actors. With 60% of workers predicted to be mobile by 2024, mobile device security must be a priority for all organizations.


Given this mobile threat landscape, Check Point Software Technologies and Samsung Electronics are teaming up for the first time to provide organizations with robust protection against the growing wave of mobile-related attacks.

Samsung and Check Point's integrated solution helps prevent the most sophisticated mobile-related attacks, securing businesses as their employees increasingly use their mobile devices to perform business-critical tasks and access sensitive business information. assets.

With this new partnership, Check Point Harmony Mobile integrates with the Samsung Knox security and device management platform to prevent malicious apps from running, installing or interfering with other apps, giving organizations the best security.

The partnership combines advanced integration between Samsung Knox Manage, part of Samsung Knox Suite, and his Check Point Harmony Mobile, the mobile threat protection (MTD) solution and a shared vision of customer engagement.

Harmony Mobile informs Knox Manage in real-time about the security posture of each device, enabling it to enable secure access to corporate assets and applications from employee mobile devices and prevent lateral movement of threats and modern attacks such as phishing, mobile ransomware, mobile malware and hiding malware in email attachments, identity theft and more.

Check Point and Samsung teams are working closely together to create a holistic security solution against the most sophisticated attacks on mobile devices through a tight integration of Check Point Harmony Mobile and Samsung Knox Manage:

1. Samsung Knox Manage (Samsung's Endpoint Mobility Management) – The end-to-end solution enables organizations to manage and protect mobile devices from cyber-attacks. Harmony Mobile detects and analyzes threats and feeds this intelligence into Samsung's Knox Manage solution, providing the visibility to apply risk-based policies and automatically remediate attacks.

2. Samsung devices – Device-level integration (enabled by integration with the Samsung Knox platform) offers unique mitigation capabilities for any device protected by Samsung Knox, including preventing the installation and activation of malicious apps, enabling organizations to meet the most stringent corporate and industrial requirements for safety. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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