New fixed 57 Chrome

A moment ago, Google launched the Chrome 57 web browser on the fixed channel for all supported operating systems.

Chrome 57.0.2987.98 is the latest stable version of the app, and comes with a number of new features and improvements that have been reported during the development of Beta editions. Chrome 57

So according to what we already know, the updated application comes with CSS Grid Layout, an improved "Add to Home" screen, as well as a new Media Session API (Application Programming Interface).

"The Chrome team is pleased to announce the launch of Chrome 57 on the fixed channel. 57.0.2987.98 for Windows, Mac and Linux This will be gradually expanded in the coming days / weeks, "said Krishna Govind.

"Chrome 57.0.2987.98 contains a number of fixes and improvements (changes are available at log file).”

Download the new version

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