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Chrome 71 will release in December, and Google says it will improve the browser's ability to stop intrusive and misleading ads.

Chrome 71

Since the release of Chrome 71, Google is planning to improve its abusive feature. According to Google, this includes:

False Messages: Ads or other items that look like conversation apps, alerts, system dialogs, or other notifications that lead to an ad or a page when you click.
Unexpected Click Sites: Transparent backgrounds, non-visible page elements, or other areas that can not usually be visible, usually lead to an ad or a page with a click.
Misleading Website Behavior: Page features such as scroll bars, play buttons, next arrow, close buttons, or navigation links that lead to an ad or page when you click.
Phishing: Ads or elements of a page that attempt to steal personal data or deceive users to share their personal information.
Auto Redirect: Ads or page elements that automatically redirect to another page without any action from the user.
Mouse Index: Ads or page elements that resemble a mouse pointer and attempt to trick the user.
Malware or Spamware: Ads or page elements that promote, harbor, or connect with malicious or unwanted software that can be installed on your system.
Ads with incomplete or misleading name: Ads promoting or portraying unrecognized or bogus businesses.

If a site uses the above ads it will be added to a blacklist and the ads will not appear in Chrome.

Website owners can visit the section Abusive Experiences Report, available in the Google Search Console, to check if Google has found "abusive experiences" on their pages. Once a page is added to this blacklist, Google gives web site owners 30 days to remove the abusive ads.

This specific behavior of Chrome 71 is not new. Google announced the mechanism since November of 2017 but first put it on Chrome 64, released in January of 2018.

The only change we'll see in the upcoming browser is that Google will apply much tighter filtering to malicious ads.

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