CloneApp: Free, portable application for backup programs

CloneApp is a free, portable backup tool that will get a backup of your programs in case you want to reinstall Windows.


And suddenly you discover that in order for your computer to return to normal, the only solution is to reinstall Windows. You will definitely think about such a move two or three times, because together with Windows you will have to re-set up and re-configure all your programs.

Such a process will cost you working days and we probably will not be the easiest solution for you. CloneApp is a free, portable and simple backup tool that will save you valuable time.

It is designed to easily create backup programs, along with their presets, so you can either migrate or reinstall them after formatting the disk.

It is not open source, but has a community on GitHub that contributes and collaborates in the development of the program. Runs only on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or Vista, including 32-bit and 64-bit versions. You can download it, either via GitHub, or through official website.

He speaks only English. It is good to run it as an Administrator so that it has access everywhere and makes a proper backup.

Its mode of operation is completely different from the usual backup programs. It currently supports 249 programs, quite common we would say.

By pressing the "Select Installed" button the application will see which programs from its list you have installed on your system and will mark them.

To set where the copies will be saved, click on Settings and select the desired directory in the "Clone Path". Make sure it is not on the disk that you will format !!.

To start backing up, after marking the desired programs that you want to back up, press Backup. To reset the application settings follow the same procedure by simply pressing the Restore button.

Finally, you can download plugins which will help you to add extra programs beyond those included in the main application.

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