ControlUWP Practical Control Panel for Windows 10

It's no secret that Windows 10 Settings is incomplete. Years after Microsoft promised to transfer all the functions of the traditional Control Panel to the new Settings application, the additions are minimal.

Most of the options you can access from the classic control panel are still missing right now.

The new configuration application is a GUI with a lot of lost space, difficult to navigate and often contains scattered and invisible functions, or just very poorly integrated.

Here comes ControlUWP


ControlUWP does not replace the native Windows 10 configuration panel, but it tries very hard to do so.

Groups the most important and suggested settings in one place so you can open them and run many of them in bulk.

The biggest disadvantage of the modern Settings application is that it allows only one open window in total. If you remember, you could open Control Panel hundreds of times.

With ControlUWP almost everything is redirected to the configuration pages of the modern Settings application. So with a second configuration window open in ControlUWP, you can navigate faster in the Windows 10 Settings app.

If you are interested in the above, you can download the application from Github:

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