CustomFolder free folder modification application

CustomFolder is a free program for Windows devices that lets you change the color of folders and add up to nine different icons to each folder on your system.

Windows has options for customizing folder icons, but if you want more control you can use CustomFolder, a third-party software.

The program after installation will not run immediately, e.g. from the Start menu. You need to hold down the Shift key in File Explorer and right-click on a folder to select the "Custom Folder" that is there.

The window displays the available colors, 40 in total, which you can select to give a new color to the selected folder. In addition, it is possible to add icons to the folder.
Using the program is a bit difficult as many of the icons are small and it is often not clear exactly what it looks like before you click on it.

The program comes with two folders full of folder icons. It supports six icon collections that you can add manually, provided you have access to the folder icons.

Ο developer website offers more instructions for running the application.

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