Debian is the most vulnerable operating system in the last 20 years

According to TheBestVPN the operating system Debian has been the most vulnerable for the last two decades. And for 2019 the Debian was in second place.


Many believe that Windows is the most vulnerable operating system, which causes users to panic when they hear a new intrusion or security hole. Not to mention him mess with Windows 7 because the Microsoft stopped supporting them. But is that the case? It seems that no, according to a new statistical survey, which brings them first Debian in trouble.

According to an analysis that published by TheBestVPN based on the information received from National Institute of Standards and Technology's National Vulnerability Database (National Database of the National Institute of Standards and Technology) of the USA, the operational Debian had the most technical vulnerabilities, making it the most vulnerable product for the last 20 years.

Between 1999 and 2019, researchers discovered a total of 3.067 security vulnerabilities in Debian, bringing it to first place while the first edition Windows and specifically the Windows Server 2008, we find them in ninth place with much less technical vulnerabilities (1.421).

In the same directory the Android and linux kernel are in second and third place respectively, with 2.563 and 2.357 security vulnerabilities, while macOS is fourth with 2.212.

And for those who will say “20 years! last year's sour grapes ", let's see the list that is mentioned only for the past year, that is, only for 2019. There the Android is number one with 414 vulnerabilities, followed by Debian, The Windows Server 2106 and Windows 10, with 360, 357 and 357 security problems respectively.

In the same study, a distinction is made between "technical vulnerabilities" (ie known security vulnerabilities) and vulnerabilities (ie attacks). There the numbers change and bring Microsoft to the first place in attacks and Debian in the eighth in a set of all known programs and operating systems. According to the authors of the report: “H. Microsoft is one of the most successful technology companies in the world, but its products remain prone to attack. There were 668 reported attacks in 2019. Since 2009, the Microsoft had 6.814 attacks, making it the most vulnerable in those 20 years. Oracle (6,115), IBM (4,679), Google (4,572) and Apple (4,512) are in the top five.

However, the Linux are expected to grow and gain, along with customers and reputation, an even higher rate of attacks. In fact, given that most security vulnerabilities have been identified so far, the situation can be diverted.

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