DeepSea Greek AI startup acquired by Japanese company

The Greek maritime software startup company DeepSea Technologies sold its majority stake to Japanese automation giant Nabtesco for an undisclosed sum according to TNW.

DeepSea will continue to develop the company's fuel optimization platforms that reduce emissions (and costs) of marine fleets, while also becoming a "center of excellence for research and development of artificial intelligence products." In addition, the Athens-based startup will support Nabtesco Marine Control Systems in its quest for scalable semi-autonomous shipping.neuro

The company will continue to operate independently and continue work on its two platforms — Cassandra and Pythia — and the "broader digital transformation of the shipping industry."

Η Cassandra is a vessel monitoring and optimization platform that allows customers to see emissions for a specific vessel and across an entire fleet, while being able to understand how each of y contributes to its performance. In addition, the tool offers real-time alerts when something needs attention, such as fuel consumption and maintenance requirements.

In the meantime, the Pythia is a world-first weather routing platform tailored to the exact performance of a specific ship. It creates personalized routes, speed and maintenance policies, assessing total costs and CO2 emissions, while providing minute-by-minute updates on conditions.

The company claims it's possible to unlock energy efficiency improvements of up to 10% in almost any fleet in 12 months using its optimization technologies.

DeepSea was founded in 2017 and had raised €8 million, five of which came from Nabtesco Technology Ventures in 2021. The company has offices in Athens, London and Rotterdam and employs over 70 skilled engineers, most of them in artificial intelligence and software development. The two co-founders of DeepSea, Dr. Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos and Roberto Koustas will continue to be CEO and President respectively. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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