Information on approximately 85 million Turkish citizens was leaked

A website that suddenly appeared and disappeared (S** leaked personal information of about 85 million Turkish citizens.


According to Cumhuriyet, the hackers gained access to the database of e-devlet, a digital e-government service from the Turkish government for the citizens of the country, where they can see all personal information.

The allegedly hacked service replaces the need for citizens to go to local authorities to deal with red tape.

The leaked information includes ID numbers, phone numbers, medical information, entire family tree, marital status, education level and more.

Information such as phone numbers and social security numbers were free to access, but for more specialized information the website required some kind of payment.

According to Halk TV (a TV station), with a search, you could access the names of the mother and father, ID numbers, phone numbers, relatives information and even the ID number of the mother of the person of interest.

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