DIY: Old paper computers

Create your own museum of old computer paper in A4 size.

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Two days ago Rocky Bergen, an artist from Canada, released a free collection from miniature models of old computers, all they require is a color printout, paper glue, scissors and a lot of fun.

You'll find the plans to build 1970D models of classic computers released during the 80s and 5150s, such as the Apple II, IBM PC 64, Commodore 1, Apple Macintosh, and even the rare Apple Lisa XNUMX. In collection some classic game consoles like Sega Master System and Nintendo GameCube are added.

It's made of available at The Internet Archive, in a pack of 24 PDF files that you can print on letter to A3 size paper, cut, fold and join to create XNUMXD representations.

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Bergen began creating the craft models in the summer of 2016, starting with an Amstrad CPC 464. His technique is to collect photos of old machines from the internet and with the help of Adobe Illustrator create the flattened XNUMXD models.

Once printed, cut and folded, the models are usually only 10cm tall, but the scale varies depending on the size of paper used.

To start creating your own computer museum, you will need a color printer, paper, scissors and glue (optional). Download the PDFs from the Internet Archive, print them, cut along the lines, fold the tabs, and insert them into the slots. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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