Download the 16.1.0 version of the free SMPlayer video player

SMPlayer, a free, open source and cross-platform multimedia player (video player), has arrived at 16.1.0.


The new version of 16.1.0 SMPlayer replaced the previous version 15.11. The software remains one of the top-rated video players for GNU / Linux systems, as most users feature it fully equipped and comfortable for their video playback needs, and perhaps better than VLC Media Player.

The new 16.1.0 version came to address the problem of playing VEVO videos hosted on the YouTube website. It also gives you the option of a screenshot and you can add bookmarks through the Search menu, allowing users to mark their favorite spots in a video so they can have quick access to a later time.

The program runs on multiple operating systems, such as GNU / Linux, Ubuntu, and Microsoft Windows

You can download SMPlayer 16.1.0 depending on your operating system from its official website.

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