Droidcon Greece 2016, 7-9 July Event schedule and speakers

The week of her  Greece 2016 started in Thessaloniki! You are all invited by Thursday 7, until Saturday 9 July at to learn everything around it Android at its international event droidcon Greece.

Η droidcon Greece welcome at this year's event over 20 invited speakers and special guests from various parts of the world and from great companies such as Walt Disney, η Spotify, η Xing and Google and focuses in all the latest technological developments of its new version Android "N", Which just a few days ago was announced its name in"nougat"!Droidcon Greece 2016

During the conference, the Droidcon Greece 2016, among the top Android Experts, hosts at training the following four keynote speakers:

Η droidcon Greece this year pioneers and thanks to its great collaborators gives the opportunity to the wider public to watch, , a series of workshops as well as to get acquainted with them on sandbox their developers and the companies that will attend this unique conference (to participate in the workshops & in the sandbox one is required subscription at the venue):

  • That's it Barcamp, an interactive workshop, invites you to 7 July (19: 00) in the central training of droidcon to vote for which speeches (tech, inspirational talks), between a new group developers who will present their work, you like it and want to hear more in the afternoon of the same day.

  • That's it droidcon jobreloaded invites you to join a series of workshops which he organizes on 8 and 9 July, on promoting your career and how you can take advantage of its global platform to find your next job. In addition the jobreloaded will return you 20% of the ticket value at the congress of droidcon Greece by submitting your resume to your platform.

  • Skywalker & Support Business hosts on 8 July (16: 00) an innovative and interactive workshop on "Personnel Selection Interview". 25 participants will be able to participate in this free workshop. Join the 7 July at the Skywalker Pavilion at Noesis.

  • The +ODedu+H2020OpenGovIntelligence organizing on July 9 - 14:00 the "Linked Open Data" workshop, which will introduce an introduction to the use of Open and Connected Data Technologies, and then in collaboration with developers, the workshop will focus on creating original experimental applications.

  • Design Sprint and Hack product, at 9 July (15: 30) Startup "Turnand" presents the technology behind its products and based on your own feedback, it will also be an interactive work.

  • The Sandbox (informal expo) that will be operated by 7-9 JulyIs the meeting & networking space businesses and developers who trusted droidcon Greece 2016 with the event's guests. In this area visitors will have the opportunity, through a relaxed atmosphere, to chat with top developers and companies for all the latest developments, networking and exchanging ideas.

  • H Unit of Excellence ELLAK of AUTH will also be present at the sandbox which will surprise you with the unique workshops and demos he is preparing!

  • The Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece will share with us our vision and actions to promote the technology of Northern Greece and not only globally.

  • Do not forget to go through the GDG Lounge, to find out their latest news as well as what the developers of the official Google community in Thessaloniki are cooking, together with members of the Heraklion community, for the coming season. In the GDG lounge you will also have the opportunity to meet the children of the 3rd Gymnasium & 2nd Lyceum of Chortiatis and their excellent work done in collaboration with GDG Thessaloniki.

Droidcon Greece 2016, opens its doors to everyone!

The general public will have the opportunity to attend the main hall of Droidcon Greece 2016 for the closing of this year's event on July 9 and 20 time: 00 and participate in super “Democamp” Show'n'Tell, in which Turnand will take us #backtothefuture to put back the old favorite Game Boy in our modern life

Droidcon Greece 2016 is not only an educational & informative event around Android, but a unique opportunity for those who love or work professionally with this dynamic operating system to network, to get to know great developers and companies from around the world who have created very successful applications and to become part of it her of the global community. And since networking and fun will continue after the event, the team of droidcon Greece and the speakers will attend the July 7 on Capsis Roof Garden for one "Android on the Roof" party open to all! If you want to get in touch and attend the other evening meetings follow droidcon Greece on social media or go through the GDG stand at Sandbox in Noesis and ask for the unofficial party ;-).

For the complete Agenda and parallel activities, visit its official page Droidcon Greece 2016.

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