Drones and advertising

The future of advertising is predicted to be drones. Thousands of illuminated drones that will form images and letters in the free night sky of big cities.

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This type of advertising has already begun to take its first steps. The game Candy Crush used 500 drones to advertise in the skies of New York, the NBA did the same in June 2021 to advertise the draft and the Hyundai flew 3.281 drones in the sky of Shanghai for the advertising needs of the Genesis car.

Seven months ago 400 drones flew over Austin, Texas to promote the Halo TV series during the South by Southwest festival. They even created a QR Code so that you can scan it below and access the series link. And the examples don't stop.

The kind of advertising that looks like an alien invasion, comes to cover the now boring giant posters, the outdated TV, the non-existent radio, the chaotic internet and is aimed at the new generation that flocks to a certain event or place and so the advertisement will be particularly targeted.

Our advertising luminaries here in Greece may not have taken to it yet, but anyone living in a big city abroad may have seen these drones magnetizing eyes in the sky and passing the messages they want. And even for free, since the sky is public and is not rented or sold!

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Of course, this kind of advertising cannot be continuous. Batteries in drones require charging after a few minutes of flight, drones cannot fly in strong wind or rain, and most importantly drone lights are only visible at night.

But as we said, the ad is targeted and like 3D forces the viewer to focus their eyes on it. It's literally mesmerizing.

There are of course drone flight regulations but they still do not cover all cases. And technology is literally flying at a frantic pace where not only the legislation but also the users themselves do not have time to assimilate.

The most frustrating conclusion, however, is that advertisers will continue to try elaborate ways to get slogans and logos into our eyes and into our minds, and each successive method becomes even harder to ignore.

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