DVD screeners time: they released the first two

The first pirated DVD screeners have just begun to circulate on various pirated sites. This year's first release is the Green Book, which was almost immediately followed by Ralph Breaks the Internet.

The Hive-CM8 team has said that the challenge is more challenging this year, as it has lost access to important contacts, according to Torrentfreak.

DVD screeners time

For those who do not know by the end of the year, DVD screeners are sent to some who vote for the Oscars.
It's a moment that pirates are waiting for, as they hope to get the movies of the year earlier, something that traditionally happens every year.

This year, however, the wait was quite large, but the Hive-CM8 team once again appears to have lent the Green Book while still playing in the cinemas.

“Well, one year has passed and that is the time of year that everyone is waiting for. SCREENER Time. As usual, we enjoy sharing with friends all over the world, "the team said.

Three years ago after a massive screeners release, before their release in cinemas, the group also became the target of massive reactions from the show industry. So the team this year seems to pay more attention to the schedule. In this case, the Green Book was selected because it has already exceeded its budget.

It is not clear to what extent the sources of Hive-CM8 have access. The team apparently lost access to her email and website, which means she has lost many important contacts.

“Since we lost our site / mail and we did not have backup all of our contacts disappeared. So this year things are much more complicated. We want to do it as before, but it will take time. ”

The Hive-CM8 team is particularly interested in getting in touch with a "friend on the road."

Shortly after Green.Book.2018.DVDScr.Xvid.AC3.HQ.Hive-CM8, EVO released a pirated DVD screener from Ralph Breaks the Internet. According to EVO, they got the copy two weeks ago and planned to release it until Christmas but were delayed due to technical problems.

EVO apparently keeps its sources anonymous, but thanks Mrspy for "risking his balls."
The team emphasizes that leaking DVD screeners does not harm Hollywood but gives everyone the chance to watch and enjoy movies that may not be available by other means.

“The DVDSCR season is not about the leakage and damage of the studios themselves. It's about giving everyone an opportunity to watch and enjoy some of the movies that don't even exist in their local cinemas. "

We are confident that Hollywood disagrees, but movie studios will have difficulty putting the genie back in the bottle now that Green Book and Ralph Breaks the Internet are released.

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