We have beautiful women, vodka and cheap electricity. Russia is trolling Europe

Russia trolls Europe with video on Twitter. Winter is coming, move here. we have beautiful women, vodka and cheap electricity.

moscow red square

The "cold war" between Russia and the West has reached social media. The Russian Embassy in Spain with video he posted on Twitter, lasting 53 seconds, trolls the West for the coming winter, which is expected to bring a lot of energy problems.

And while the real war between Russia and Ukraine is still raging and not expected to stop until winter comes, Moscow is trying to turn the game on its head with a highly sexist video calling on the Western world to move to Russia by citing the beautiful women, vodka, but also resistance to Western sanctions.

The commercial in question is titled “Time to move to Russia.” The video depicts the culture and history of Russia, with children running in the fields, Russian cuisine, city architecture, culture (ballet), cheap living, traditional values, hospitality, even Christianity.

Some of the reasons the video suggests to move to Russia are cheap gas and "an economy that can withstand thousands of sanctions."

Along with the above that make the country seem quite attractive for immigration, the vodka and the beautiful women that potential immigrants can expect are also mentioned.

Watch the video here:

We await the corresponding response from the West...

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