EDPPI new block in Greek and foreign domains

EDPPI issued new ISP bans on domain names that violate the copyright law in Greece. Below you will find all the domain names that are affected by the decision.

The bans were announced in a new PDF - decision of the EDPPI, in which you can also find out the “relevance” of the Commission with the technical part of the object.

For example, the committee states:

Kupdf.net: The website with this domain name was registered with this name on 21/06/2018. The creators-administrators of the website use servers of the company Cloud fl are, Inc., whose address is reported to be 101 Townsend Street, San Francisco CA 94107 USA abuse @ cloud fl are.com.

The specific company may host and / or share the content of this website, the content of which refers exclusively to digital book archives.

Yes we read that too: Cloud fl are, Inc. hosts websites της on its servers
The conclusion is yours to make.

See the list of "blocked" domains (ss: someone needs to talk to them about changing DNS)


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