Edward Snowden because the CIA is joining Instagram

Edward Snowden explains: The Central Intelligence Agency or the CIA participates in the social networking game by publishing tweets with puppies and animations.

CIA Director Gina Haspel recently announced it American spy service said the US intelligence agency would create an account at Instagram.
Edward Snowden

However, Edward Snowden, one of the CIA and NSA or NSA collaborators, says that this is an attempt by the US intelligence service to correct its image after the 2013 has released too many condemnation papers, which revealed a lot of violations by the US government.

Snowden reported to the Motherboard that the mass data revelations changed into public sentiment and turned it back against the activities of intelligence agencies, and perhaps the organizations decided to take a page. Do not imagine that we will soon see lawful secret services.

Snowden says that after the above, they thought: "Maybe the history of 2013 shows us that what we should do instead of trying to change the laws is to be more flexible, more hospitable, so that we can finally do that. which we want. What we have here is a PR issue (ie: Public relations.

For these very reasons, the secret services (the NSA was once known as the "No-Such-Agency") turned to social media.

"They have Twitter accounts and now Instagram accounts (with) puppies and all that, because they want to be friendly. They want to be by your side, "said Snowden.

Ironically, the NSA faced problems with recruiting new hackers after Snowden leaks, as new researchers and big planning companies were starting to move away from secret services.

To see if an Instagram account helps the CIA image, the NSA can also get it.



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